Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mommy Guilt

I'm teaching my daughter how to be deceptive. That is not something I wanted to teach her since I'm sure she'll be able to handle that all on her own. I took her to Kohl's last night to buy some new clothes. I glanced over at the total as the cashier was ringing it up and just could not stop the groan from coming from inside my head and out of my mouth. The total was much more than I anticipated spending. The cashier commented that the shirts we bought were cute. I turned to Drama Queen and said, "We would have bought a whole lot more if we'd had the money, wouldn't we?" My little sweetie is so very observant about feelings. She has always been able to very quickly pick up on other's moods. As we walked out the door she said, "Mom, I'm sorry." When I asked her why she was sorry, she said, "For making you spend $80.00. We can take them back if you want." I quickly reminded her that two of the things we bought were for me (very desperately needed "unmentionables"). BUT. Knowing her as well as I do, I immediately said, "Don't tell Daddy how much we spent. He'll get mad and we won't get to go shopping again for a long time." As soon as I said it, I realized what I was telling her. I tried to smooth things over by saying, "Daddy might get mad, so let me tell him. I know how to tell him where he won't get quite as mad." I can hear it now. "Don't tell Mom. She'll get mad. Let me tell her so she won't get so mad." Which is bound to mean that either a cover-up or a lie is soon to follow. Not quite the teachable moment I was hoping for.

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