Monday, November 28, 2005

Liar or Future Playwright?

My 8yo daughter's assignment today was to fill out a paper about "My Holiday Memory." Once filled out, the teacher was going to hang them up in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria or some other conspicuous place. Here's what Drama Queen put:

What: We had a turkey. It burnt.
When: Thanksgiving
Who: My family.
Where: My house.
Why do you like this memory? It was funny.

Pretty cute story. Except that it's a LIE! We have only cooked a turkey one time at our house (first and only time I will ever host Thanksgiving, if I can at all help it!). We did not burn the turkey (I, obviously, wasn't in charge of the turkey). Neither of my children were even alive at the time! This incident follows closely on the heels of The Amazing Drying Hair Trick from a couple of weeks ago. Having been instructed to shampoo and condition her hair, said Mistress of Tall Tales emerged from the bathroom with completely dry hair. Oh, excuse me. The bottom 1/8" of her hair was wet. After quite a lively discussion between the two of us, she proclaimed, "I did wash it. It's already dry. I had the bathroom heater turned on."

Gah! She's only 8. What am I going to do when she's a teenager?

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

What a difference a year makes. My friend and I have a tradition of going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year was the first year that we actually got up early and hit the stores by 6:00. That was such a hard thing to do, stay up late and then get up so early. This year was different because we get up early every week day to meet at 5:45 to walk. I didn't have a problem getting up (or staying awake) this year.

I was thrilled to actually have some money this year. Last year I was so broke that I couldn't buy anything. I think I spent maybe $15.00 total last year. I was also excited to find so many things this year that were on the kids' lists with a minimum of fuss.

My siblings and I don't buy presents for each other any more because of the cost, but I found something for my sister that I just couldn't pass up. I'm not going to say what it is on here in case she reads this before I get it to her. I also don't want the hubster to know that I bought something because I don't want to listen to the lecture.

It was also a day filled with nastiness--and not the rude behavior of other shoppers either. Except for an old man farting (loudly) as he walked right behind us. That was kind of rude. And somebody's vomit right outside the driver's side door of our vehicle. Thank goodness I wasn't driving today, so I actually got to miss that little present. But the worst was the smell in the middle of the mall. It smelled like somebody took a dump right in the middle of the walkway. No matter where we went in the whole building, we couldn't get away from it. Our time there was quite brief.

Now I may be heading over to spend the night with my sis to help out with Baby C. while her hubby is gone. I can't wait!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I'm sure everyone's blogging about their Thanksgiving--how much they ate, how many relatives were there, etc. I'm going to give the condensed version. We had two Thanksgiving meals: one Wednesday night with my relatives, and one Thursday with the relatives that make me go crazy (aka my husband's family).

The best thing: Being with my family--I just eat that up.
The worst thing: A horrible headache plus dealing with my husband's family.
The most fun: Playing cards with my family AND watching my children play with all of their cousins at the in-laws' Thanksgiving.
The sweetest thing: my adorable niece, Baby C.
The most miserable thing: It's a toss up between eating too much (who didn't?) and--you guessed it--the in-laws.

After two meals of turkey and the works, the hubster spent time calling every restaurant in town trying to see who was open so we could eat anything besides leftovers. Actually we couldn't even have leftovers because we didn't bring any home. Too bad. Different dinner for us. Huzzah!

Now that the torture is over, the fun will begin tomorrow. Black Friday!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Family Togetherness

We had a family birthday party for my sil Saturday night. It was good to get everyone together again. Well, except for the noise from the kids. And having to watch football. Now, I don't mind watching football as long as it's somebody I'm interested in winning. That means that there are about 3 teams I'll watch: OSU, the Longhorns, and Dallas. Hmmm. I must have a penchant for western things. The OSU Cowboys, the Longhorns, and the Dallas Cowboys. But I digress. The football game that was turned on was none of "my" teams, so I was completely bored watching it.

Never fear, I was very entertained. My new niece, Baby C., was there. Of course I hogged her all evening. But what's an aunt for, I ask you.

(That's not me holding her. I don't make it a habit to wear cammo.)

The only thing missing from the evening was playing games. I don't know about you, but my family is very big into playing games like "Catch Phrase," "Cranium," and "Pit." We haven't played any in awhile, though, so I'm starting to have withdrawal. Maybe I'll be able to talk them into it Wednesday night when we have our Thanksgiving feast.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Real Life

Meg and Baby C. went home from the hospital yesterday. Now real life begins. The one where there is no nurse to help you in and out of bed. No sending the baby to the nursery to catch up on sleep. The one where you are crying right along with your baby during the middle of the night while you beg your sweet child to go to sleep. Where you agonize over each little decision, convinced you are making the wrong choice and will scar your child for life. Where you check your child all through the night to make sure he/she is still breathing. The one where you are brain dead from lack of sleep but freak out if your child sleeps all night, convincing yourself that something has happened. Oh, wait. That was me. In case you're reading, Meg, forget I said anything. NONE of this ever happens!

Real life is tons and tons of pictures and video. Watching your child sleep and feeling your heart swell from so much love. Hours spent rocking and cuddling. Nuzzling your child's fuzzy head into the crook of your neck. Smelling that sweet, newborn smell. Falling asleep with your baby on your chest because you just can't bear to put him/her down. That's what real life is all about.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

She's Here!

My sister is now the mother of a beautiful, healthy girl! Baby C. was born at 12:08 this morning. She's 7 lb. 10 oz. and 19" long. She is absolutely perfect. And the timing couldn't have been better! I was so worried she would come while I had a house full of kids. We got the call at 11:15 last night. Not only that, both of my children were spending the night with a friend, so we didn't even have to drag them to the hospital with us. Congratulations, Meg and Shane!!!!

Proud Daddy and Baby C.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm Not Skeered

I discovered today that Drama Queen's hamster has taken The Big Jump. And not out of the cage, either. At least it had water, so I know it didn't die from dehydration. She told us yesterday that she had fed him, and the large pile of food that she had stockpiled on top of the cage is gone, so I assume she's not lying. Of course, she also told us a few days ago that he had water, and I filled the bone-dry water bottle myself that evening. And I just bought the stupid thing it's 4th(!) running wheel on Tuesday. Don't think I quite got my money's worth out of that one. The first hamster lived in a cool tunnel-heaven cage (This one used to until he chewed it up and had to be put in the plain ol' aquarium cage. But I digress.). I discovered the first hamster's demise (why am I always the one who discovers them?) and realized he was partially in the tube and partially in the tower. Now there was no way in the world I was going to try to dislodge the thing, especially since rigor mortis had already set in. Ewww! That meant I would have to touch it. Not a chance of that EVER happening! So I did what any normal rodent-fearing woman would do. I went in search of any neighbors of the male persuasion who happened to be home from work at 1:00 in the afternoon. Nope. But then I got a brilliant idea. I called my sister, the vet-in-training. Not only did she come over and dispose of it, she actually Carried. It. Out. And not in the tube either. Gah! But do I need to call on my sister again today for another rodent disposal? No! Why not, you ask? Because unlucky hamster #2 is in the aquarium cage. I can take it out and dump myself. Am I brave or what?

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A Cook I Am Not

What kind of party is best for the person who doesn't cook? Why, a Pampered Chef party, of course! I generally dislike parties where I am expected to listen to a presentation and then whip out my thin little pocketbook to buy something I will never use. Oh, the things you will do for friends, though. My best friend had a Pampered Chef party last night. There was no question of whether or not I would be there. In fact, she didn't plan the date without checking with me first to see if I could come then. And church is not the only place I can't sit with my sister without causing problems. Apparently we're like that wherever we go! Thankfully this was a very laid back, relaxed, "talk amongst yourselves" kind of party. 'Cause talk we did. And laugh. And made fun of products and probably people, but I don't remember that part for sure.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mommy Guilt

I'm teaching my daughter how to be deceptive. That is not something I wanted to teach her since I'm sure she'll be able to handle that all on her own. I took her to Kohl's last night to buy some new clothes. I glanced over at the total as the cashier was ringing it up and just could not stop the groan from coming from inside my head and out of my mouth. The total was much more than I anticipated spending. The cashier commented that the shirts we bought were cute. I turned to Drama Queen and said, "We would have bought a whole lot more if we'd had the money, wouldn't we?" My little sweetie is so very observant about feelings. She has always been able to very quickly pick up on other's moods. As we walked out the door she said, "Mom, I'm sorry." When I asked her why she was sorry, she said, "For making you spend $80.00. We can take them back if you want." I quickly reminded her that two of the things we bought were for me (very desperately needed "unmentionables"). BUT. Knowing her as well as I do, I immediately said, "Don't tell Daddy how much we spent. He'll get mad and we won't get to go shopping again for a long time." As soon as I said it, I realized what I was telling her. I tried to smooth things over by saying, "Daddy might get mad, so let me tell him. I know how to tell him where he won't get quite as mad." I can hear it now. "Don't tell Mom. She'll get mad. Let me tell her so she won't get so mad." Which is bound to mean that either a cover-up or a lie is soon to follow. Not quite the teachable moment I was hoping for.

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