Tuesday, August 04, 2009

30 Days

Let me preface this by saying that I can't remember exactly how I found out about Mrs. Flinger's 30 Days of Blank idea. In any event, I know that I've read about it over at my sister's place.

When I first read about it, I thought, "What would I choose for my 30 days?" Several things popped into my head immediately, the first being related to weight loss. I'm sick of that always being the thing I'm focused on, though, so I scratched that idea. Don't get me wrong: I need to lose weight. I'm just tired of focusing on only one of the areas of my life that needs improvement. I, like my sister, need to focus on positive things about other people and not being so judgmental. But the one that has really been sticking in my mind is my habit of interrupting people. Bad habit. I never had a real problem with it until I worked at a particular job where all of the ladies there talked over each other. I quickly learned that I couldn't wait for a break in the conversation or I was never going to get a chance to say anything. And, thus, my problem was born.

Now I intentionally do it at times to hurry people along. I know it's wrong to do that. I am very impatient, and it drives me crazy when someone is talking slowly (like my daughter!) and I already know what they are saying anyway. It seems so much easier to just jump in and let them know that I understand and then take it from there. Easier, yes. Good etiquette, no.

So my 30 Days is going to be 30 Days of Not Interrupting. I wish it was 30 days of not interrupting my sleep or something fun like that. Because 30 days without interrupting another person is going to be quite the challenge. I'll be so much better for it, and I know that others that talk to me will be grateful to get to finish their sentence all by their little ol' selves.

My lips are zipped...

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