Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm a Hermit

I have issues. I tend to lean on the crazy side. If you met me, I could probably fool you for a while. I think I have most of my casual acquaintances snowed too. Those closest to me know better. I do okay talking to one or two people, but I am very shy in large groups. While my sister's goal is to arrive 15-20 minutes early everywhere she goes, I don't like to arrive in the actual location of the people until 1-2 minutes before the starting time. I will arrive in the parking lot 10 minutes early, but I don't go in until the last minute. I'm too scared that if I arrive too early, I will have to think up things to say to those around me. Kra-zee.

I also tend to hibernate after work. Once I'm home, I don't want to go anywhere else. On many occasions, I have actually cooked dinner (something I hate doing) just to keep from having to go pick something up at a drive-through when my husband refused to go. I'm not scared in that situation, just exhausted.

So tonight I'm combining the best of both worlds and heading to a Ladies' Bunco Night at church. I had no intentions of going until several friends started trying to get me to go. I still would have bowed out until a visitor mentioned it to me. How could I not go if a visitor to our class (the one my husband teaches) was asking me if I was going? Reluctantly I signed up and have acted excited to attend.

Now that the time is here, my heart is starting to beat a little more quickly and my hands are shaking. I have 11 minutes until it starts, and I still need to put my makeup on and drive to the church. So what am I doing? Blogging. See how that works? Once again I will arrive at the very last minute.

So here goes: several hours of dreaming up things to talk about with the people at my table. The people who will change every round.

I better win something.

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