Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I hate trying to think of titles for posts. I am usually doing good to even blog, as evidenced by my lack of posts for quite a while. Right now I'm just trying to keep my head on straight.

I can tell I am stressed because as I sit here, I am struggling to breathe. It's not an asthma-type of thing. I just tend to breathe very shallowly when I am stressed. I also have a tendency to hold my breath at times. Not good when you kind of need that oxygen to, I don't know, live or some such nonsense as that!

This week has held a lot of craziness, some expected and a lot not. I am a creature of habit. I like to do things the same way at the same time every day. I do not deal with change very well. I believe the technical word is "fuddy duddy."

This is my son's first year in the high school band. The last 2 weeks have been 7-8 hour practices, 5 days a week. Drama Queen's cheer practices started at the same time, so I've been shuttling kids back and forth or making plans for someone else to do it if I am still at work.

One morning we were getting ready to drop off my son at band practice, and his girlfriend called to see if we could meet them at the donut shop. That threw a wrench in my schedule, but off to the donut shop we flew (sans makeup). As we were heading there, another friend of his called to ask for a ride to practice. I ended up dropping my son at the donut shop, going to pick up his friend, dropping him off at practice and then flying home in time to throw on my makeup and head to work.

That afternoon I got a text from another mom who said that she couldn't go to the parent meeting that night and would I let her know of anything important. I didn't even know we had a meeting. The school assumes that everyone gets the local newspaper, apparently, because they did not even have it listed on the school calendar or website. That was over an hour of wasted time sitting on bleachers and hearing the same speech I heard 3 years ago when Child #1 was attending there.

I was exhausted when I got home and was ready to head to bed early until I got a call from my SIL telling me that my dad had been taken to the hospital. I'm too tired to replay all of that, so you can head over to my sister's to read more about it.

School started today. Dragging DQ out of bed at 6:30 was so. much. fun. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. *snort* Music practice at church is tonight. Open House is tomorrow night at DQ's school (on the 2nd day of school?!). School pictures on Friday. Band, band and more band. An appointment with a counselor on Sat. (that's another post for another time). And we're trying to find a new vehicle before the Cash for Clunkers program runs out of money again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But you know what? I am incredibly blessed. I have 2 wonderful children that need to me cart them around to different activities. I'm not bailing them out of jail or calling the police because they ran away. I have a truck that gets me where I need to be. We just need to replace our old beast of a Suburban. If it doesn't happen, we'll miss out on a good incentive program, but we won't be walking everywhere we go. I am healthy and happy in spite of being frazzled from a hectic schedule. Life is good.

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