Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What's on My Mind

I'm on the verge of calling our pediatrician. My stomach has butterflies. I have been putting it off until I could do it without my co-worker hearing me, although she knows everything that's going on already.

My daughter is having issues. She's always been very nervous and anxious about things, but it is getting so much worse. She told me the other night that sometimes she wants to do something but is afraid something bad will happen if she does. The example she gave was that she wanted to give our dogs a bone, but her stomach dropped when she thought about it, and she was afraid something bad would happen. She also said that sometimes she wants to eat, but she's afraid she'll get sick, so she goes to bed hungry. These seem to be beyond the scope of normal, everyday tween fears.

I've suggested that she talk to someone, but she is so shy that she is scared to. I've taken the call-my-mom-and-sister-and-ask-for-advice routine. I've decided that I will talk to her doctor first and take it from there. Here goes...

UPDATE: I called the doctor and left a message. I missed a call from someone at an unavailable number almost an hour after their office closed. I'm sure it was them, although they never bother to leave a message. I guess we'll do this all over again tomorrow.

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