Monday, August 10, 2009

Life In Her World

Last week when I signed my daughter up for tumbling, she assured me that she would go every week. I know how my daughter operates, so I wanted a commitment from her before I signed her up. I just got a call from her:

DQ: I don't want to go to tumbling today.
Me: I'm sorry, but you have to go.
DQ: But I don't feel like going.
Me: You still have to go. You told me last week that you would go every week if I signed you up.
DQ: I meant that I would go every week when I felt like it, but I didn't have to go when I didn't feel like it.

My blood pressure began to rise at this point.

I then got a follow-up call:

DQ: Well, then I have to eat before I go.
Me: Okay. There are hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs in the fridge.
DQ: We're having that again?
Me: No, but you can eat that before you go and then have dinner later.
DQ: I'm not eating anything (apparently she expects this ploy to allow her to get out of going)
Me: You need to eat something before you go.
DQ: No, I'm not eating anything.
Me: (now seeing red and not speaking very nicely) Fine, but if you get sick, it's your own fault. I don't want to hear about it, and I don't want a call.
DQ: Well, it's your fault for not buying groceries.

This is the point where my head spun around and flew off my body. It is a very good thing I was at work and she was not.

Round 3 is up now since I have to call and tell her to get her clothes changed and get ready to go. Any bets on how this conversation goes?

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