Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Month of Change

Have you ever read Kelly's blog, Pass the Torch? She has such great insight into parenting matters, and I often feel challenged to do better in my journey as a mom. A few days ago she wrote a piece over at The Imperfect Parent. That post really spoke to me deep down in my heart.

I have fallen into the habit of yelling at my children. Sometimes I yell because I'm angry at them, but most of the time I yell because I feel like they can't hear me or are just choosing not to listen to me. This is not a healthy way to communicate with my children--for me or for them.

Habits are so hard to break, and this is definitely one habit I need to banish from my life. Kelly often has a monthly "theme" or challenge in her home. Since I was inspired by her writing, I am going to have my own monthly theme. This month will be Speak Softly Month. I will explain to my family this evening (and it is so hard for me to do this in front of The Hubster--gulp) that for the next month my goal is to speak softly and gently. No yelling. If they catch me yelling (or if I catch myself when no one else is around), I will put a dime in a jar. At the end of the month, we will do something special with that money. I haven't decided what that will be yet, but I'm hoping there's not much money in there by that time anyway.

I will periodically post the amount in the jar so you can see how I'm doing on my project. In the meantime, I better brush up on better communicating skills!

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