Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Day of School

Yep, summer's over. Or at least summer vacation's over. Today was the first day back at school. The adrenaline and stress has worn off, and now I'm sad. Despite all the moaning and groaning and griping I do on here, I really do prefer having my children home with me. Don't get me wrong--I really like when they go play at a friend's house or have a sleepover. Getting them out of the house gives me a much needed break. Those are pretty short-term though. School, not so much.

As I went to bed last night, I realized that Karate Kid needed to get up at the same time that I usually do since he has to be at school an hour earlier than all the years before. I set the alarm to wake myself up an extra 30 minutes earlier so that I could have a few minutes of quiet and get a jump-start on the day before I had to get him up. That would have been great if it hadn't taken me until 2:00 to get to sleep. Thank goodness I actually looked at the clock that last time before I hit snooze because it was my normal wake up time. I had slept through that extra 30 minutes.

Normally a friend will be taking K.K. to school, but he wanted me to take him on his first day. I was so proud of myself for thinking ahead and going the way that would allow me to turn right into the school instead of sitting in traffic to turn left. Until I realized that I had forgotten lunch money. Grrr. A trip to the bank down the street so I could pay a fee to get money since I didn't have time to go to my bank, and then back in line to turn left into the school. What fun!

About 5 cars back from the turn-in, I got a call from a parent of two of the girls that I watch. I totally forgot to tell everybody that I would be taking K.K. this morning. So then I added the stress of knowing that there were parents waiting for me at home. All-in-all it took me 30 minutes to make a 10 minute trip.

Poor K.K. was so nervous! He's been at the same school since kindergarten, but this year he goes to the 6th Grade Center. Every 6th grader in our district goes to that school--about 640 kids so far. This is the year of 7 different teachers, changing classes, and having a locker.

Even though he was in bed at 9:15 last night, it took him until 1:00 this morning to fall asleep. After he had been in bed for about 45 minutes, he asked me to give him some Benadryl. When I asked him why, he said, "So I can go to sleep!" Oops. Guess he has that one figured out. And to show what a great mother I am, I told him at 12:45 this morning that adrenaline would get him through today and then he would crash tonight. 'Cause I'm so caring that way.

Drama Queen, on the other hand, sailed through the morning. She's still at the same school, has a very good friend in her class, and has the teacher she wanted. Add to that the fact that one of her friends will be coming over every day about an hour before we have to leave so we can take her school with us (more social time, dontcha know) and that I walked her to her class, it was the smoothest morning we've ever, ever had with her.

And being the great mother that I am, I left the camera at home.

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