Sunday, August 13, 2006

Oklahoma, OK!

When I think of fun states to visit, Oklahoma is not one of them. California has the beach, Hollywood and Disney. Ditto for Florida, minus Hollywood. Arizona has the Grand Canyon. New York has NYC. Oklahoma has...nothing.

Texans are full of pride. Oklahomans? Not so much. There's not much here to brag about. The panhandle of our fine state has miles and miles of nothing. And you can see every bit of it no matter where you stand since there are no trees, no bushes, not even tumbleweeds to break up the landscape. At least in this part of the state we have some trees, hills and usually water in the creeks.

Let's see...we also have toll roads. Gotta love paying money to drive on a road. And the bathrooms on those toll roads are oh, so fancy. Picture a port-a-potty with a wooden shack built around it. We have bumper stickers here that say, "Welcome to Oklahoma. Piss on a tree." It's not far from the truth, my friends.

We don't have any professional teams for our state to root to victory. Football is the mother of all sports here, but it is limited to high school and college games. Not many people want to rush over from neighboring states to see Podunk vs. Hicksville.

One thing we do have, though, is the National Home of the Rodgers and Hammerstein production of Oklahoma. Apparently people will come from all over to see it because last year they had people from every state plus 57 countries. The guys were gone on a Boy Scout camping trip, so Drama Queen, my sister and I went with some friends to the performance last night. For free too! DQ has talked of nothing else but the musical. She wants to be in the production when she "grows up." Does she want the lead? No. She either wants to be Ado Annie, the boy-crazy girl who "can't say no" and is in love with whatever boy she is with at the moment (a scary prediction for her future, I might add) or "the girl in the dark pink dress."

Drama Queen had her picture taken with a few of the cast members when it was over. She refused to be photographed with any of the men. Apparently I tried too hard to get her to have her picture taken with the guy who played the pedler (who was gooooood looking) because she told The Hubster that I thought he was cute and that I was cheating on my husband.

So for all of you planning trips to the middle of nowhere next summer, stop by and see this. It is wonderful!

Drama Queen and Laurie.

This is the one Drama Queen wants to be if she can't be Ado Annie.

Ado Annie and Drama Queen.

Drama Queen and the dancing girls.

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