Monday, October 02, 2006

A Kind Act

For Boy Scouts, Karate Kid had to plan and organize his whole family into carrying out a project that would help someone else. We have a divorced woman living across the street from us who now lives alone since both of her sons have moved out. Karate Kid wanted to do her yard work as his project. Since we all had to participate, I wasn't sure what Drama Queen was going to get to do since she is too young to use any of the equipment. With that in mind, I tried to steer him in another direction, like picking up trash at the local park. Nope, he was dead-set on doing her yard.

After several times of scheduling and re-scheduling, he decided last night would be the night. The Hubster tried to get me to weed eat, but I'm scared of the weed eater. We finally decided K.K. would mow, I would edge and The Hubster would weed eat. That still left D.Q. hanging. Thankfully our neighbor was on her way out the door as we were discussing the various jobs. She helped us out by telling us that D.Q. could pull the grass out of the flower bed.

It ended up that I pulled the grass, D.Q. worked for about 2 minutes and then spent the rest of the time playing with a roly-poly, looking at flower bulbs, getting a drink, and then finally putting all the grass that I had pulled into the sack.

It felt so good to be helping our neighbor! I tried to stress to D.Q. how it was helping and how good we could feel for doing something nice for her. It was great to all work together in an unselfish, helpful way.


On a totally different note, Karate Kid has been on a hiatus from karate for a good 4 months. Last night I was considering changing his nickname from Karate Kid to Boy Scout on my blog. Since I sometimes shorten Karate Kid to K.K., I didn't think the abbreviation for Boy Scout, B.S., would be such a hot idea. Yes, he gets on my nerves at times, but "B.S." seems to be carrying it a little too far, dontcha think?

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