Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gather 'Round the Table

We have been so remiss in sitting around the table at dinner. I hear stories about how important it is and feel such incredible guilt. Both of the kids were missing that time with us, just as we were missing the time to connect with them. With our schedules, it's often hard for all of us to get together at that time of the evening since somebody is always gone to a meeting or practice.

I figured out that everyone is generally home close to bedtime, so I just substituted our Bedtime Snack for our family dinner. Now when the kids get a snack before bed, we all stop what we are doing and congregate in the same area. Sometimes it's the table, sometimes it's in another area. This is our chance to sit down and talk. I recently ordered Family Time Dinner Games, so we also use those. We have had a blast playing some of those games. A plus is that they have kept us all together much longer than if we had just eaten, since we all want to take "just one more turn" before getting ready for bed.

In today's busy world, this is our chance to visit, share and bond. It works for me!

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