Monday, November 13, 2006

Hideous Haircut

I have no hair. Well, I have a little bit, but not near enough to suit me. I took a picture in Saturday night to show the stylist what I wanted. Whenever I choose a short cut, I always, always, always ask them to leave it a little bit longer than in the picture. I totally forgot to tell her this time. Not only that, she cut it even shorter than it showed in the picture!

Before you ask, I will NOT be posting a picture for two reasons: (1) I in no way want a permanent record of this cut, and (2) I will not knowingly post a picture of myself until I get to my goal weight. Just send me support via empathy, sympathy and chocolate. Oh, wait. That would kind of derail the weight loss thing, huh? Okay, just a virtual hug will work for now. Or a wig.

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