Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am huge on giving nicknames to people and/or being the recipient of a nickname. There's something about that special name for another person that just seems to show what an important person they are and that there is a relationship between the two parties. Having said that, here are 13 nicknames I've given other people or that they have given me:

1. Bubbie. Although this is what Drama Queen calls her brother, I use it more often than his real name.
2. Chili Pepper (Drama Queen) I had no idea what an appropriate nickname it would be--she definitely adds spice to our lives.
3. Chilimous Willimous (DQ)
4. Mr. B. (Karate Kid)
5. Vladimir Puten (The Hubster) I think the "Puten" part reminded me of a certain bodily function that he "shares" us with quite often. I sometimes shorten this one to just Vladimir or Vladdy Daddy.
6. Allie Ballie Boodlebug, often shortenend to just Boodlebug (for one of the girls that I watch)
7. Gracie Bacie Biddlebee, often shortenened to Biddlebee (Boodlebug's little sister)
8. Bubba (My brother) I started calling him that in high school to annoy him, and it stuck. Karate Kid was 2 before he knew my brother's real name was not Bubba.
9. Boog, short for Booger (My sister)
10. Madre (my mom) I'm not Spanish and don't even know if that's how you spell it, but I call her this quite often.
11. Tonya Tot (what my best friend calls me)
12. Sissy (what my sister called me when we were younger). I hated this one because it reminded me of Sissy Spacek, whom I couldn't stand because she was in Coal Miner's Daughter. I was totally embarrassed by that movie when I was a child because it showed them in bed having sex, although they were under the covers. The night before I got married and the two of us were having our cry fest, I begged her to keep calling me Sissy.
13. Too Tall (what my Dad called me). I think this originated from Too Tall Jones, but I'm not sure. I was taller than my classmates for quite a while, and that's when he started calling me that. It's also the reason I have such poor posture now, from trying to slump down to be the same height as my peers when I was in grade school.

As I said, I love nicknames, so please share yours with me.

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