Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat?

How bad is it that I'm dreading tonight? It's cold outside and will only get colder as the sun goes down. My best friend that we go trick-or-treating with every year can't go because her son's football team has a tournament. Tonight. On Halloween. Who schedules a ballgame on Halloween?

I had a tiny ray of hope when Drama Queen asked if she could go with a friend of hers. I started to dream about how I would get to spend the evening in the warmth of my home, letting Karate Kid hand out candy. Then DQ informed me that I would take them to our regular haunt (get it? haunt? Oh well, maybe I haven't caught up on my sleep quite yet) and then she would go around her friend's neighborhood with her. I would just send The Hubster with her, but he can't even order a pizza by himself, let alone go trick-or-treating without me.

I guess I'll just bundle up and hope for the best. The best being good candy for me to steal from her sack, of course.

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