Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

For those of you new to my site, I am a voracious reader. The Hubster is not. When Karate Kid was born, I was determined to make him love reading just as much as me. We spent lots of time reading when he was a baby, but once he hit toddlerhood, it was impossible to keep him still long enough to read to him. My solution? I read while he was in his high chair eating breakfast. He was a captive audience then.

This became a daily routine for us: breakfast and books. I did the same thing when Drama Queen was small. It was such a part of our life that it continued until Karate Kid was in 4th grade and Drama Queen was in 1st. It was too hard then because they were both getting ready for school at the same time and weren't interested in the same books. We've since moved our reading time to the evenings.

Hope this helps those of you with small ones running around. It works for me.

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