Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank You!

Thank to each and every one of you who helped Drama Queen with her school project! I'm not sure that every one of you will be included because she had already gone to school by the time I received some of your addresses. I emailed them to the teacher ( I had written her a note telling her I might be sending more), but I'm not sure what time they actually worked on this project. I didn't tell DQ that I was asking for your help (obviously, since I posted it at 12:30 this morning!), so she was surprised when I told her this morning. She was so excited about all the different states. She kept saying over and over, "I love your blog friends! That was so nice of them!"

You guys are wonderful. Me, not so much right now. I'm swamped, sinking in the mire of bows that are sucking me ever downward (Where does my daughter get her dramatic flair?). I'm trying to hit everyone's blog a post at a time, here and there, whenever I can sneak one in. Please don't think I've forgotten you! I'll be back to visiting you daily, my faithful friends, as soon as this two weeks of caffeine and sleeplessness are over.

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