Friday, October 06, 2006

The Answer

Okay, I meant to post the total yesterday, but I got busy. Alison was the closest with a guess of $1.20 (you need to start a blog, girl, so we can all come visit you!).Currently in the "Yelling Management" Jar: $2.60. A full $1.00 of that was the result of a "discussion" with The Hubster (I didn't actually keep track, I just figured $1.00 was a good even figure). I was very tempted to just throw in another $1.00 and get it all out of my system!

That's a lot of yelling over the week, but it's so much less than it would have been. I think only 3 of those times were directed at my children. Most of them were yelling over the loudness of the child care kids when I should have just crossed the room to speak directly to whatever child I was talking to at the moment. Notice I said "most" not "all." There were times that it was just frustrated yelling coming out of my mouth.

I noticed something funny today that I hadn't even really realized. Instead of yelling "Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!" over the loudness of all the kids to get their attention, I've been doing a sing-songy "Yoo hoo" instead (Yes, I'm fully aware of how hokey it is.). Today the child care licensing rep. was here doing his drop-in visit. One of the boys was trying to talk to him, but the rep. wasn't paying attention. Suddenly I heard, "Yooooo hooooo!" Apparently my technique is catching on.

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