Wednesday, October 04, 2006


If I don’t write it down, I’ll never remember it again. I am constantly writing notes to myself. Sticky notes abound on my kitchen counter, which make a nice colorful mess when they get wet. There are times my counter looks like Eric Carle has been illustrating his newest book right there in my very own kitchen.

The other day at the store, I saw that they had an easel dry erase board. I picked it up, fell in love, and then proceeded to try to talk myself out of it. Did I really need to spend that much money on another note writing tool? After all, I also have a love affair with dry erase boards and have several at home already. Not only that, I already had one in my basket that I was going to use in the laundry room. It didn’t take too long for the board to convince me that it would be absolutely the next greatest thing for my house.

I knew that it would come in handy, but I never knew it would be communication central between Drama Queen and myself. We are both very visually-oriented people. Trying to get my daughter to talk to me is sometimes an exercise in futility. She’s so distracted by whatever catches her eye that conversation is often a lost cause. We call her “Oooo, Shiny” behind her back because her eye is so easily caught by anything, resulting in many, many MANY frustrating attempts at speaking with her.

Enter the wonderful board. I wrote this note to her the first morning, and she added her own little note back to me (terribly misspelled because she was in a hurry--and spelling is not her strongest subject anyway)

This note is from this morning, when she was in a bad mood and I was using the board to try and avoid nagging or a confrontation. Can you just hear the attitude in those two words?

From one extreme to the other!

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