Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Did What?!

Some of you may have already read about this at my sister's site. That's okay, but I also wanted a chance to brag on my son.

This weekend we went to my grandmother's house. We had just finished lunch and were all sitting around talking. Karate Kid and his cousin, who is a year younger than K.K., walked in from hanging out on the screened-in deck, a favorite of the kids--and adults who are looking to escape the 75° heat of the house. I heard bits and pieces of the boys' conversation, and what I heard scared me just a tad. I decided I better investigate further, so I called them over to ask what they were talking about.

Karate Kid: Oh, Cousin choked on a pickle, so I did the Heimlech (said in a very nonchalant, no big deal tone)
Me: Nuh-uh.
K.K. Yes, he did.
Me: Are you kidding?
K.K. No.

This went on for quite a while until I was convinced that it really did happen.

K.K.: Cousin did the universal sign for choking, so I did the Heimlech.
Me: Could he breathe?
K.K.: No
Me: Did it fly out?
K.K. No, it just came up into his mouth enough that he could spit it out.

As I was relating this to my brother, he told us this is the 4th time my nephew has had to have the Heimlech performed on him! In my brother's words, "That is one kid that should never eat alone!"

Once I realized that the whole scenario had really happened, the adrenaline shot through me, complete with racing heart and shaking. I couldn't believe that both boys acted like it wasn't a big deal. It was a huge deal!! I love what my brother said, "Next time could you tell an adult?" He must have realized how that sounded because he immediately added, "Don't stop doing the Heimlech, though! Send somebody else to get an adult."

I am continually amazed at the maturity and responsibility that I see developing in my son. He's going to be such a great guy. What am I saying? He already is.

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