Friday, November 17, 2006

Wimping Out

When Karate Kid was in Cub Scouts, they went on a camping trip once a year. Now that he's in Boy Scouts it's a monthly occurrence. I have no problem with that because it means I get two nights of snore-free sleeping. And if I'm really, really lucky, Drama Queen sometimes spends the night with a friend and I get the entire house to myself.

This weekend is a family camping trip. That's right, fun for the entire family. Now don't get me wrong, I adore camping. I just don't like camping when it's cold outside. This stems from going to Colorado for two weeks every year when I was a child and sleeping in a tent. I never, ever warmed up the entire time we were there. I told the scouts the only way I would go is if we took our camper, complete with toilet, shower, lights and heat. The Hubster was all for the idea because that meant he also got to sleep in the camper instead of a tent.

The whole idea of this weekend is to invite some Cub Scouts and their families to show them how much fun Boy Scouting is. And just in case we don't get enough turkey later this week, they are frying (!) two turkeys and we have to provide all the side dishes so that we can have our own little Thanksgiving feast. Guess who got to buy all the food this time. Not only buy it, but pay for it out of our personal account and then wait to be reimbursed. Here's a sampling of what we had to buy:

10 gallons of peanut oil (The Hubster asked if anyone was allergic to peanuts and was told, "We haven't had a problem so far." Whatever. I guess it doesn't matter that they've invited guests who've never been before)
2- 14lb. turkeys
3 pounds of bacon
5 pounds of sausage
Plus lots of other stuff

At least it didn't cost as much as I anticipated.

We tried to make reservations at the campground last weekend but there weren't any available. I checked again yesterday and noticed that the campground was closed for the year. I double-checked with The Hubster that I had the correct campground. Yep. I decided to give the campground a call, secretly hoping that they would be closed and we could scrap the whole idea. I was informed that the campground is closed, but they still allow dry camping. That meant nothing to me, so I humbly asked what dry camping was. Dry camping = water out of a hydrant but not at each campsite, no showers, non-flushing toilets, and no electricity. I. Don't. Think. So. The Hubster told me our camper was supposed to be self-sufficient, but he couldn't guarantee that the battery would last long enough for us to have heat both nights. And on that note, I bowed out. I'm still going tomorrow, but just for the day.

So call me a wimp, a fair-weather camper, whatever. The beauty of skipping out is that Drama Queen is indeed spending the night with a friend and I have the whole evening (and house) to myself. Oh, and all the heat I could want.

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