Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Real Life

Meg and Baby C. went home from the hospital yesterday. Now real life begins. The one where there is no nurse to help you in and out of bed. No sending the baby to the nursery to catch up on sleep. The one where you are crying right along with your baby during the middle of the night while you beg your sweet child to go to sleep. Where you agonize over each little decision, convinced you are making the wrong choice and will scar your child for life. Where you check your child all through the night to make sure he/she is still breathing. The one where you are brain dead from lack of sleep but freak out if your child sleeps all night, convincing yourself that something has happened. Oh, wait. That was me. In case you're reading, Meg, forget I said anything. NONE of this ever happens!

Real life is tons and tons of pictures and video. Watching your child sleep and feeling your heart swell from so much love. Hours spent rocking and cuddling. Nuzzling your child's fuzzy head into the crook of your neck. Smelling that sweet, newborn smell. Falling asleep with your baby on your chest because you just can't bear to put him/her down. That's what real life is all about.

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