Monday, August 28, 2006

I Wonder Why

I have a wonderful, wonderful husband. I love him dearly. Sometimes, though, he does things that make no sense to me. Case in point:

Yesterday afternoon I asked him to shampoo the living room carpet while I went to buy groceries. It wasn't done when I got home, but for good reason: the belt broke so the brushes weren't turning. He went and bought a belt this morning and fixed the shampooer. He then proceeded to shampoo half of the living room carpet--while 5 (all age 3 or younger) of the kiddos that I watch were here, running around the room. That was fun! Especially since they couldn't get to the kitchen without stepping on the wet area. BUT -- he also shampooed the hallway, our room and Karate Kid's room, so I just quit trying to figure out why he did the whole livingroomwithchildrenpresent thing. Oh, and he did the other half of the living room this evening after everyone left.

He also has a crazy schedule at work right now since they have to go in at night to do some things that can't be done while anyone is working in the building. He works Monday through Thursday nights. He usually gets home around 8:00 in the morning, I see his bleary-eyed countenance long enough for him to chug a glass of chocolate milk and eat a honeybun, and then he hits the sheets. I feel so sorry for him trying to sleep in a house full of children--especially when 2 of them take their naps in our room!

Mondays are a little different. He usually sleeps at night on the weekend and then takes an afternoon nap on Monday to help him stay up all night. And once again he chose to do something today that I don't understand. *drumroll* He took his nap on the couch. That wasn't a problem until all of the kiddos woke up. I have no idea how he did it, but he managed to sleep with all 5 of the kids playing, screaming and fighting in the same room with him. Plus our 2 came home from school in the midst of it all. Not only was he sleeping, he was snoring! That's some good sleeping. Can any mother out there imagine being able to sleep this soundly in a room full of children? (It scares me to even think about it!) Why don't dads inherit the I-can-hear-my-child-breathe,-sneeze,-cough,-and-open his eyes-even-from-across-the-house-in-the-dead-of-night syndrome that mothers gain the very day their first child is born?

Because they have us to do it for them.

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