Saturday, November 18, 2006


When I got home at 10:00 last night I had a message from Karate Kid:

"Ummm...Mom? I need you to get me a book called Caught in the Act. I can't remember who wrote it. I read the wrong book for class and have to read it by Monday."

Niiiiiiice. I checked online at our library, but it was already checked out. I checked the libraries in the next town over and found one library that had it. I put a hold on it and headed over there this morning. It wasn't on the shelf so I had the librarian help me. We never found it.

I decided my best bet would be to buy it, so I headed to Barnes Noble. They didn't have it, nor did their other store in town. Neither did either of the Borders stores. I headed to Super Target out of desperation but didn't find it there either. I finally got smart and sat in the parking lot and called 4 other bookstores. Nobody in town had that book.

Two hours after my search began, I called Karate Kid back and told him that I couldn't find it anywhere. You know what he told me? "Well, I don't have to have that particular book. I just have to read one in the series that has those kids in it. The one I read didn't have them in it."


Back to the library we went. After two more calls to Karate Kid, I finally got the boy a book. It's a very good thing I didn't get out to the campground for several hours. You might have been hearing about one of us on the news.

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