Monday, November 21, 2005

Family Togetherness

We had a family birthday party for my sil Saturday night. It was good to get everyone together again. Well, except for the noise from the kids. And having to watch football. Now, I don't mind watching football as long as it's somebody I'm interested in winning. That means that there are about 3 teams I'll watch: OSU, the Longhorns, and Dallas. Hmmm. I must have a penchant for western things. The OSU Cowboys, the Longhorns, and the Dallas Cowboys. But I digress. The football game that was turned on was none of "my" teams, so I was completely bored watching it.

Never fear, I was very entertained. My new niece, Baby C., was there. Of course I hogged her all evening. But what's an aunt for, I ask you.

(That's not me holding her. I don't make it a habit to wear cammo.)

The only thing missing from the evening was playing games. I don't know about you, but my family is very big into playing games like "Catch Phrase," "Cranium," and "Pit." We haven't played any in awhile, though, so I'm starting to have withdrawal. Maybe I'll be able to talk them into it Wednesday night when we have our Thanksgiving feast.

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