Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is It Summer Break Yet?

Now I remember why I hated the year that Karate Kid was in 3rd grade. I'm living the nightmare all over again with Drama Queen. We're into the second full week of classes, and the homework is already killing me. Yes, I said "me" not "her." The work, at this point, isn't hard. Although there was a concept on a science paper that Drama Queen just could not understand. She had to read a paragraph about living vs. non-living things and then compare and contrast them. The last question on the page said: "Organisms are made up of cells. Every organism has different types of cells. Why do you suppose this is so? Explain." Yeah, right. No matter how I tried to explain it, the poor child just could not grasp the concept. I tried telling her that cats have cat cells and dogs have dog cells. If a cat has dog cells, it would be a dog and not a cat. *whoosh* Right over her head.

So besides the problem question above, the work is not hard yet. Getting Drama Queen to do her homework is another matter entirely. She started at 4:30 this afternoon. She finished at 7:00. It should have only taken 30-45 minutes, an hour tops. Her bedtime routine and her homework time look suspiciously similar--lots of gymnastics, off-topic conversations, dog chasing, etc. I am very seriously starting to worry that the child has ADD. I know she can concentrate because she does it at school. Home, though, is a horse of a very different color.

In the midst of this, I'm watching Karate Kid closely. This is his first year out of elementary school. He hasn't had any problems, but he has 3 honors classes that I am paying close attention to (look at that--I ended my sentence with a preposition. The shame is overwhelming me.). One teacher told us that 6th grade students that are in honors classes are working out of 7th grade books in those classes. I just want to make sure that he isn't in over his head.

So tonight after I finally got Drama Queen to finish her homework, I had a whopping 30 minutes before I had to get her started on her bedtime routine. She was in bed only 6 minutes past her bedtime tonight. And then, did I enjoy some quiet time while the kids were in bed and The Hubster was gone to work? Yeah, if you consider spending 45 minutes checking both kids' homework, then I guess I did. Heh.

How long is it until school is out for summer break?

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