Thursday, August 31, 2006


A couple of days ago a lady here in town ran a red light at an intersection and hit another car. The lady at fault had her 6yo son in the front seat--with an airbag. The impact of the airbag broke the boys' neck. The mother, in what I assume was an effort to hide her stupid decision to put him up front, took the boy out of the front seat and buckled him into the backseat. He was taken to the hospital by Life Flight and died either yesterday or today. If he had been in the backseat, the paramedics said he would have been fine.

Although I guess I shouldn't judge her since I don't know what the circumstances were, she obviously could have put him in the backseat to begin with since she certainly put him back there after the wreck! No matter what the situation, that child did not belong in the front seat. Period.

Please, please, please remind everyone you know that children do not belong in the front seat when there is an airbag! Even for a short trip. Our town is small and I'm sure the mother felt safe since they probably weren't going very far. A minor accident can have a major impact on small bodies. It's too bad she had to learn this the hard way.

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