Friday, September 01, 2006

Maybe I Should Trademark This

I've thought of a new game called "Procrastination." Let me tell you how to play.

Rule #1: Wait for a holiday weekend, such as Labor Day. No time like the present to play, right?

Rule #2: Make plans to go camping 3 or 4 weeks in advance of said holiday.

Rule #3: Never think another thing about the camping trip unless it is to invite someone to go with you. A family member, preferably a sister, is perfect for such an outing.

Rule #4: Wait until the day you are leaving to realize that you have no idea what you are planning to eat.

Rule #5: Make sure that you are leaving before you have a chance to go buy groceries for the trip.

Rule #6: Wait until there are children napping in every bedroom in your house, thereby making it impossible to go into those rooms, before you decide you should probably pack some things to take with you.

Bonus Round:

* Make sure the weather is perfect for a fire but there is a burn ban in effect so that you are unable to enjoy sitting and gazing at the burning logs and embers.

To Win: The person who arrives at the campground and has forgotten the most stuff wins "Procrastination." In the event of a tie, make sure that your Drama Queen will be missing a close friend's birthday party (even though you were just called by the mother the night before you leave on the camping trip to inform you that there is even going to be a birthday party). If you are this lucky parent and your ears begin bleeding from the shrieks, moans and other unwordly noises emitted from your daughter to show her displeasure at missing the party, this indicates that you are The Winner!

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