Thursday, November 24, 2005


I'm sure everyone's blogging about their Thanksgiving--how much they ate, how many relatives were there, etc. I'm going to give the condensed version. We had two Thanksgiving meals: one Wednesday night with my relatives, and one Thursday with the relatives that make me go crazy (aka my husband's family).

The best thing: Being with my family--I just eat that up.
The worst thing: A horrible headache plus dealing with my husband's family.
The most fun: Playing cards with my family AND watching my children play with all of their cousins at the in-laws' Thanksgiving.
The sweetest thing: my adorable niece, Baby C.
The most miserable thing: It's a toss up between eating too much (who didn't?) and--you guessed it--the in-laws.

After two meals of turkey and the works, the hubster spent time calling every restaurant in town trying to see who was open so we could eat anything besides leftovers. Actually we couldn't even have leftovers because we didn't bring any home. Too bad. Different dinner for us. Huzzah!

Now that the torture is over, the fun will begin tomorrow. Black Friday!

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