Monday, January 16, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

The good times, they just keep on coming.

We got home from buying groceries last night, and I noticed a smell somewhere in the house. It didn't take me long to find out that one of the dogs had diarrhea. I sent Drama Queen for more paper towels, and she turned and ran into the doorframe, splitting her toe. As she was sitting in the floor crying, The Hubster came in to see what was wrong with her. He then began ranting and raving about the kids' rooms and the garage being so cluttered. I had to interrupt his tirade twice just to get him to bring me more paper towels. And I still had all of the groceries sitting on the counter, melting and thawing.

It took forever for Drama Queen's toe to stop bleeding. Once it did, she started playing the new computer game she bought. That was The Hubster's cue to start singing karaoke in the same room since he bought two new CD's at the store. I was in the process of cooking dinner and putting the groceries away at the same time. Actually I was trying to. Drama Queen kept interrupting me every 3 minutes because her game wouldn't work.

After dinner, my Sunday night TV shows, a nervous breakdown and a bottle of Valium, I finally got to bed. Karate Kid came into the room three times to complain of a sore throat before I ever got to sleep. That should have been a clue.

Did I mention he also had a friend spending the night? The hyper one? He actually was wonderful last night. They played a video game in Karate Kid's room most of the time. In fact, he was still playing it when I got up at 5:20 this morning! He told me he had been to bed, but I know that only meant that he had physically been in the bed for a very short period of time without sleeping. He even met me at the door when I got back from my walk this morning.

About that time I heard Karate Kid moving around, so I stuck my head in the door and told him to go back to sleep. He said he couldn't because he was too hot. I felt him, and he was burning up--103.5!

Hyper Friend finally fell asleep in the living room chair. Drama Queen, who always, always, without fail sleeps late, woke up at 6:30. She couldn't find her remote. I shooed her back to bed, turned off the TV, and prayed that she would go back to sleep, which she did.

So now I have no children to watch today (yes!) but a sick child (boo!). We'll be heading to the doctor's in awhile and dropping Hyper Friend off at his house to try to catch up on all that sleep he missed.

Maybe there'll be a nap in it for me today too!

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