Monday, March 27, 2006

Feeding Time at the Zoo

The little ones that I keep are the best birth control around. Every day I am reminded of why I don't want any more children (and can't thanks to The Hubster's "procedure"). Case in point:

This morning at snack time, Girl #1 spilled her bowl of cereal, flooding the table, the floor and her lap with milk. Not 5 minutes after I cleaned that up, Girl #2 dropped her bowl of cereal on the floor. Clean up once again. Boy #1 then proceeded to dirty his diaper enough to break free from the constraints of his diaper. As I was changing him and finding one of Drama Queen's shirts small enough to fit him, Boy #2 shoved a soggy Fruit Loop up his nose. Girl #1 then spilled her new bowl of cereal again!

Days like this make wonder if I shouldn't get a degree in zoology.

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