Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why Some Animals Eat Their Young

It is Spring Break around here, and my children have been driving me nuts! I love having them home from school. I love the whole we-can-stay-up-late, we-can-sleep-late, no homework, no extra activities thing. BUT this has been the coldest, wettest week we've had in months! Yesterday there was a shortage of friends to play with, so I heard "I'm bored" a bajillion times. I personally feel that it is good for them to be bored occasionally. They are forced to be creative then. Usually. Mine just spent the day fighting over whether or not they were going to play together.

Karate Kid: Come on, let's go play.
Drama Queen: No, I don't want to.

She says this only because this is about the only time she has any control over her brother. "Hmmm. If I say no I won't play with him, it really ticks him off. I can decide if I want to play if and when I want to play."

D.Q. finally relented and said she would play only if they played Kids in the Forest, some game that she made up that K.K. hates. K.K. then tried to compromise, a concept totally foreign to Drama Queen, who thinks it should be her way all the time.

K.K.: I'll play anything you want as long as we don't play that. And I won't boss you around.
D.Q. No, I'm only going to play with you if we play Kids in the Forest.

And on and on (and on!) it continued. For hours. They both wanted someone to spend the night last night, and I was thrilled with the idea just so they would be entertained and out of each other's hair.

Drama Queen woke up in just about the same kind of mood. There is one little girl that I watch that D.Q. has a problem with. I don't know if there is some kind of personality conflict or what. Maybe it's because the first day that I started watching this girl (she was 6 months old), I leaned her over to give D.Q. a kiss, and she threw up all over D.Q.'s arm. Whatever the case, it's like they are siblings, fighting to the bitter end. Whenever D.Q. can't get anyone else riled up, she just goes and stands next to this girl. That's all it takes. Knock down, drag out chaos ensues. And heaven help us if D.Q. touches anything that belongs to this little Drama-Queen-in-Training!

I'm already looking for the tranquilizer gun and the bottle of booze--and it's only 9:30! It's going to be a long day.

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