Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Green Acres--Not the Life For Me

I am a townie. Hopefully that doesn't mean anything other than what I take it to mean. In my case, it means I love living in town. Not the city. Cities are too big, have too much crime, and are much too scary for my taste. Country life is too quiet. Quiet equals depression. I like to have neighbors around, even if I don't talk to them. Just knowing there are people around and hearing them coming and going is enough for me.

Last night confirmed my feelings. After a snowstorm last week, we have reached summer temperatures this week. I opened the bedroom window when we went to bed. It was absolutely wonderful. I could hear cars travelling on the highway, somebody hotdogging down the street and airplanes headed to the nearby airport. I usually turn on a sound machine at night to add a little white noise. I just can't sleep in the quiet. Hearing all of the sounds and feeling the wonderful air coming through the window was so relaxing!

Proof that The Hubster and I are opposites came tonight. His dream is to live in the country. He keeps threatening to buy some property and a little house so he can go stay there whenever he wants...or to live there and I can come visit whenever I feel like it. In any case, he told me that his allergies are really bothering him and he didn't know if we could open the window tonight. I was disappointed, of course, and told him how much I had enjoyed hearing all of the sounds. He quickly told me that he couldn't sleep because of all of the noise. *sigh* I guess I'm back to listening to the sound of rain from the sound machine tonight.

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