Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going With Her Feelings

Drama Queen can put into words things that I still have trouble explaining. Tonight she called me into her room after she was already in bed:

"Mom, I don't feel good. It's not the kind where I think I'm going to be sick. It's the kind where something's wrong, like I've done something wrong and I feel bad about it. The kind where I have to get it okay before I feel better."

She went on to explain that her one good friend in Girl Scouts is no longer going. She wants to switch troops so she won't lose contact with her friend. I had to explain that she will still see her at school and that we'll have her come over and play. I thought that effectively covered it and stood up to leave. She pulled me back down and told me "it isn't finished yet." How do you finish? Apparently lots of reassurances of playdates and ways to work out our schedule.

I worry about my children because I have battled depression for many, many years. The thing is, I didn't know I was battling it until just a few years ago. Now the lightbulb has come on and I can look back at my childhood and realize why I felt the way I did. It scares me to think about my children going through the same thing. Just hearing Drama Queen being able to verbalize her feelings so well makes me feel better. Maybe that will be one legacy I won't pass on to them.

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