Friday, January 27, 2006

Little Beggars

Drama Queen has once again lived up to her nickname. She was sitting by me, happily discussing who she wants to invite to her birthday sleepover. Keep in mind I've never actually told her that she could have a sleepover, so she's putting the cart before the horse a little bit. Anyway, she switched gears mid-sentence and declared that instead of the American Girl doll that she's been talking, dreaming and planning about for a good month, she's now decided that she wants a puppy. That "no" flew out of my mouth so fast, it was like someone else had said it. And it was a firm, no-nonsense "no." Cue the dramatics. Begging quickly turned into crying turned into anger and then back to begging. Telling her that I was through with the subject didn't deter her one iota. Once I'd had enough, I sicked her on The Hubster. I never, ever should have done that.

He never flat out told her no, so she's now got it into her head that she's getting a puppy. She spent the rest of the night talking about what kind (a black dachshund), what color collar (a red one) and it's name (Daisy).

Can you believe I actually felt myself waiver? For all of 30 seconds. Then reality hit me upside the head, and I quickly came to my senses. First of all, I don't have 250 bucks to shell out for a whining, chewing, peeing, pooping, eating, carpet-ruining machine. Secondly, I know who will be doing all of the work: housebreaking, scooping up the poop, and getting up in the middle of the night. It sure won't be Drama Queen!

During the midst of Drama Queen's angst, Karate Kid decided to start his own begging campaign. He bought a knife last year at a little street fair when we went camping. His cousin and friend both got one, so I told him he could since he was using his own money. I assumed that since they were with the toys, they were toy knives. That's what I get for assuming. The Hubster confiscated it as soon as he saw it was the real deal.

So I literally have Drama Queen on one side and Karate Kid on the other, each lobbying for their respective items. It's a wonder I haven't been committed yet. Yet being the operative word. I wonder if the mental hospital has layaway?

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