Monday, January 23, 2006

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Karate Kid and I were watching an episode of Wife Swap that I had taped. Yes, taped. The Hubster still won't let me get TiVo. In case you're reading this, honey: Please, please, oh please let me get TiVo! I won't ask for anything else ever again.

Anyway, when it was over, Karate Kid said, "Don't ever do that!" When I asked him why, he said, "They always get someone just the opposite of you. We'd probably get some mom who wouldn't have any rules at all." Now I, personally, would have thought this was every child's dream. I mean, no rules? Sign me up!

When I questioned him further, he couldn't think of any of my rules that he would want to do away with. He finally told me I could just switch places with his friend's mom so he could watch any show or play any teen-rated game he wanted. I asked if he would really do that, and he decided he wouldn't watch or play anything he wanted because that just wouldn't be very good.

Then again, this is the boy who used to have me read the posted rules to him when we would go somewhere (the pool, the zoo, etc.). And not just once, but at least twice just to make sure he had them all in his head. Yep, that's my boy.

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