Saturday, January 21, 2006

Creativity Comes in Many Forms

My children are nothing, if not creative, although what they dream up is a little interesting at times. Here are some examples:

Today was the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race. Karate Kid's was a slice of pizza resting on top of a pizza box. The smaller pink circle on the top right was a sticker with the number that they gave him when he checked it in. It messes up the pepperoni placement in my opinion. What were they thinking?

Drama Queen and Karate Kid both got book lights in their stockings this year. The little black thing on the side of the bed is hers pulling double duty as a spotlight for her Bratz and Polly Pocket stage show. The white basket was the stage and all of the colored pieces in the floor are Lego seats with dolls on some of them.

Had to throw one in of Karate Kid and The Hubster working on the pizza car.

This one is the car that Drama Queen entered into the open class (for siblings and parents of the Cub Scouts). Hers is (drumroll please)...a pillow. How many children do you know that come up with the idea for a pillow car? Can you tell she's obsessed with pink camouflage? The arm warmer things that are on her arms that came with that shirt match the material of her car. Don't think that wasn't planned!

Who says children don't have an imagination any more?

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