Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Battle of the Ages

Oh, my word! This morning was such a fun little adventure into I Don't Want To Wear That Land. The Hubster and I told Drama Queen that she couldn't keep wearing the knit pants that she wears over and over and over. She has the same pair of pants in about 5 different colors. She's beginning to look like an oprhan because they're so worn out. And we're just sick and tired of seeing them.

She wore jeans yesterday. This is an amazing accomplishment because it's only the 3rd time this year. And I mean school year, not the year beginning January 1. And I didn't even have to force her.

So I woke up this morning tripping along merrily in the Land of Bliss, thinking that there wouldn't be a clothing battle this morning. Enter Drama Queen, the valiant warrior of Pickiness. It was a surprise attack, one I never saw coming. From deep in the bowels of the kingdom, I heard the battle cry: "I'm NOT wearing jeans tooooodddaaaayy!" I immediately pulled out my weapon: a choice between two items. Her Pickiness could choose from a pair of jeans or the black pair of pants that she never wants to wear, thus enabling us to look at her without throwing up from the sight of the same green/pink/blue pair of pants.

The battle, she was long and hard. No matter how many screaming arrows were thrown my way, no matter how many tears were shed, I stood my ground. I was prepared to win this battle. On this one I would not budge.

And I won. She wore jeans.

We will be taking a journey to the faraway land of Old Navy tonight to see about buying more jeans or maybe some pants that actually button and zip instead of having an elastic waist, thus maybe actually fitting the tiny Drama Queen without having to be pinned with a safety pin. If I can find the adjustable ones, that is. She's clamoring for another shirt, even though she has a closet full that she won't wear. I sense another battle coming on.

No matter the case, I will remain strong. And we will live happily ever after. For about two minutes.

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