Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Glass Is Half Empty

Also titled: Boring Post

I have an interview with a parent this afternoon to see about watching her child. This will replace the one whose last day was Friday because her mom quit her job.

So I should be all happy and excited that I've got a prospect, right? I am absolutely thrilled, except for one thing. When the lady called yesterday, she was in her car and didn't have a paper and pen to get directions to my house. She said she would call back for directions, but I haven't heard from her.

This is the point where an optimist would say, "She was probably so busy with her son that she forgot to call me back. I'm sure I'll hear from her right before she leaves because she'll figure out she doesn't know how to get here." Or they might say, "She might have lost my phone number."

No matter how much I try to look at the positive side of things, my first thoughts are always negative. "What if she changed her mind?" "What if she talked to someone else and they sounded better?" "What if she lives in one of the other towns I advertised in and doesn't want to drive to where I live?" What if...

The What If's are killing me!

*edited to add* Woo hoo! Everything worked out after all! The new little one starts Monday.

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