Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A New Fan

I have never watched American Idol before. Well, I watched the very last show last season because Carrie Underwood is from OK, and I was interested in whether or not she would win. I've always avoided watching because I just didn't think I could handle watching Simon be mean to all of those hopeful people. After talking to a friend about it, I decided to give it a try--and I'm hooked. Oh, my gosh! Did you watch it last night? There were times I was raising my hand to get them to stop because I just couldn't take it anymore. And Simon isn't as bad as I thought he would be, although I still feel sorry for some of the people.

And have you seen this? What in the world?! How could anyone ever willingly be frozen while still alive? At least they're saving their whole bodies and not just their heads. Saving heads only? Just a tad weird for me. Although if I could put my head on a skinnier body...
And what happens to all of their money when they've been sitting by the fire, nice and toast warm, but still...dead? And the part about living forever? Do they realize how time consuming that will be? I mean, those bodies will wear out eventually, so I guess they're going to have to save just their heads after a while. Between being frozen for 100 years and then having to get a new body each time? That would just eat up too much of my time.

Popsicle, anyone?

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