Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Squeeeeeeaaal!! Part 2

Sunday was the PBR! This is from the very beginning, when they get ready to introduce the riders. They set the letters PBR on fire and have all kinds of fireworks to go along with it.

The Hubster and I went down a little early and went to the riverwalk, even though they had drained the canal to clean it. Grrr. It was still pretty and neat to see.

The Hubster waited so patiently for me after it was all so I could get autographs and pictures. Apparently the man in the foreground thought I was trying to take his picture because he never moved no matter what I did. Can you spot The Hubster in the stands? It's kind of like playing Where's Waldo!

This picture is my absolute favorite. This is the only one where I took a picture with one of the riders, but if Adriano Moraes had been there, you better believe I would have asked him too! This is Travis Briscoe, an 18yo rider who is going to win the World Title if he keeps riding the way he has been. He's such a sweet heart, very quiet and polite. I had to post the picture in black and white so you couldn't see all the PMS zits on my face! Oh, and I was talking when this was taken, telling the guy that I didn't think it took because it didn't flash. I usually don't look like a beaver, I promise. And I used to be a lot skinnier, too.

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