Sunday, February 12, 2006

Oh, the Drama!

I've lost my sweet, tender-hearted little girl. Drama Queen is learning to wound with her words, and boy can she hit it right on the most tender spot! She was furious with her brother this morning (because he was picking on her) and said, "I would laugh if you died." If I hadn't been dealing with something else at the time, I think I might have just sat down and cried.

Then she told me this morning: "Why do you have to be my mom?" Now if I was the type of person who starved my child, beat her, was entirely too strict and controlling with her or any number of other ways to really be a bad mom, I would understand hearing this comment. I'm a good mom, not the worst but always striving to be better. I've really learned to loosen up in the last couple of years and quit obsessing over the little things. I'm trying so hard to not control my children by guilt trips so they won't have the anxiety and guilt that I battle every day. So to hear her say that, well...

I just can't wait for the teenage/PMS years! God help us all.

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