Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Reason for My Weirdness

My father does not kiss anybody on the lips other than my mother. We received lots of hugs and kisses from him, but the kisses were always on our cheeks or forehead. His weird trait carried over onto my brother, my sister, and myself. It looks like my children are going to have the same issues with kissing that we all do. Both of them have asked why my best friend kisses her son on the lips, acting like it's a very unnatural thing.

For all of these years, I thought my dad didn't like kissing on the lips because of germs or because it was disrespectful to my mother somehow. I found out recently that he had an aunt who used to be all lips that would kiss him right smack on the mouth. It disgusted him so much that he vowed he would never kiss anybody on the mouth again except for his wife.

Even though I now know the real reason for it, I still can't bring myself to kiss anybody but The Hubster on the lips. My reluctance stems from a germ thing, though. I at least told my kids why I don't and why Papa didn't. We'll see if it actually lasts through their generation or not.

The Bible says the sins of the father lasts to the third and fourth generation. We'll see if that also means neuroses.

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