Wednesday, February 08, 2006

He Calls 'em Like He Sees 'em

Karate Kid's class is having the national writing test on Monday, so they've been practicing every day. A couple of weeks ago he had to write three things about me. He chose cooking (quit laughing, Sis!), working, and reading.

Today they had to write about their hero. Karate Kid said that he wrote about The Hubster. He told me, "I chose him because it was about our hero, and I couldn't write about you because you're a girl. I don't want to grow up and be a girl!" They had to come up with three traits and then expand those into paragraphs to make their story. He said that The Hubster was funny, nice, and helpful.

From the way he talked about choosing Dad over me because I was a girl, I got the feeling that he might have written about me if the gender issue hadn't been in play. I was feeling pretty sure of myself, thinking that we have a special bond and that he secretly wanted to write about me. Since I just knew that he would write about how much we both like reading and going to the show and how we are so much alike, I asked him what he would have written about. He thought for a second and then said, "I already wrote about you." I was still looking for that feel-good, bonding moment, so I pursued it even more. "But if you had chosen me for your hero, what would you have written about?" He was clearly tired of the discussion, but he went ahead and answered, "Mom, I don't know. It took me 30 minutes to think of who to write about as my hero! Then I spent another 50 minutes to write the paper!"

You would think that I would have left it at that, but no. I asked him a few minutes later if his dad was really his hero or if he had chosen him just so he could have someone to write about (like his best friend chose his older brother even thought they fight like two male beta fish put into the same tank and "even though he's not really my hero"). He said, Well, I had to choose somebody I knew so I could...Yes. Yes, Mom. He's my hero."

And I opened my mouth yet again:

"So am I your heroine?"

"*sigh* Yeeeesss, Mom. I'm going to smoke you. Now where did I leave my pipe?"

Did you hear my bubble burst? At least he doesn't know that you shoot heroine. Now I just have to work on becoming Drama Queen's hero. What with the amount of clothing wars we have, I just don't see that happening.

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