Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just Call Me St. Scrooge

I forget that not everybody hates Valentine's Day like I do. My best friend gave me a plate of cookies, some candy and a card. A few days ago I suggested to The Hubster that we not buy cards for each other, but he had already bought one.

Most people who don't like this holiday are usually men who have no idea what they are supposed to get for their girlfriend/wife or people who are not in a relationship and have it thrown in their face on this day. Me? I'm just cranky. I don't want the card/flower/candy industry to dictate when my husband tells me he loves me. It seems like such a waste of money to give an obligatory gift. Where's the love in that? Now if The Hubster gave me a Valentine's card in July? That would be special. It would mean he thought of me without being prompted by the media or retailers.

But. BUT...I got a great present. My whole family was gone tonight for over an hour! I love each and every one of them dearly, but I sometimes crave to be by myself at home. By 7:00 I had already had a shower, had my contacts out and had my jammies on. The silence was absolutely wonderful. But I have to confess: I wasn't completely alone. I had Simon, Paula and Randy to keep me company. This time I didn't have anyone interrupting. I could hear everything that was said, every sour note hit, and every stumble over lyrics.

I think I'll go enjoy the last of my quiet now.

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