Friday, July 21, 2006

Foto Friday #2

Well, I decided to go ahead and swallow my pride and post the pictures of The Great Tanning Experiment. The ones of my arm didn't turn out right, so I had to go ahead and post my legs. I know. Sorry. And I figured that if I was embarrassing myself, my family should get in on the action too.

This is out of order. This is actually the after pic. Notice the festive stripe running the entire length of my thigh. Apparently not only can I not draw a straight line, I can't spray one either.

This is the before photo. I know, I know. The difference is startling. Actually, I think I need to apply it a couple of times to make a bigger difference in the before and after. That would be after I learn how not to spray circus tent stripes on myself.

Like father, like daughter. There is a good reason why The Hubster had the eye mask on, but it kind of ruins the fun when you put a valid reason behind it.

Drama Queen is forever grabbing my camera off the charger and snapping random pictures. I am always surprised by what I find when I transfer them to the computer.

This was after applying makeup that my sister had given to her (that my sister no longer used). Can you see the child behind those lips? Gah.

And I leave you with a snippet of conversation between Karate Kid and myself after I had called him over for a kiss and a hug.

Me: I do not want you to grow up!

K.K.: Why?

Me: I don't want you to leave. I'll be lonely without you.

K.K.: Well, Drama Queen won't get a good job, so she'll still be here with you.

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