Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What a Night!

Last night the neighbor called and asked if my two kiddos could go to the show with them and their children. Not a problem. Since movies are so expensive, they headed to a theater in another town that is much cheaper--$2 for kids and $4 for adults if it is not a matinee. This is for new release movies, too! We head over there whenever possible when we see a movie.

The movie started at 7:00, so they headed out a little after 6:00. I took the opportunity to shampoo the carpet while they were gone and The Hubster hadn't come home from work yet. After he got home for working a 12 hour day, he was exhausted. We sat on the couch watching TV, but he ended up going to bed. I turned off the TV to enjoy the thunder and lightning while I read my book. I got so sleepy that I finally decided I would just doze on the couch until the kiddos got home.

That was all well and good until I realized it was 10:00 and I hadn't heard from the kiddos yet. Then I started to worry. How long was the movie? Did it start late? What about them driving in the storms? What if they had a wreck? How would I know how to find them? Should I start by calling the police or the hospitals? What about going out to look for them?

I finally told myself to wait until 10:30 before I really started to worry. Sleep was definitely out of the question, though, because my mind was racing and my heart was pounding. FINALLY I heard them storm up to the door like bulls in a china shop. It was the best sound I've ever heard! But, I wasn't destined for bed yet.

Drama Queen had already been invited to spend the night, and Karate Kid had invited their son to stay with us. The neighbors are very protective and have just now started letting their oldest stay with other people overnight, but only VERY occasionally. All of the kids headed down to the neighbors' as soon as they got home, so I finished up stuff around here, locked the door and headed to bed. Until I realized I still didn't know if the neighbor boy was spending the night. I called down there--at 11:00!--to find out only to have Karate Kid tell me that they hadn't decided yet. I gritted my teeth and told him to please find out and call me back in 5 minutes so I could go.to.bed. He called right back and said that the friend couldn't spend the night down here but K.K. could stay down there. At this point I didn't care who slept where as long as I got to crawl into my own bed.

The boys came running down to get K.K.'s stuff. They burst into the door laughing and telling me this:

K.K. "Neighbor girl" called 911!
Me: Why?!
K.K. Because "youngest neighbor boy" hit her. She said that it was against the law to hit girls, so she called them. The police called them back because she hung up.

Drama Queen arrived home right after that telling me that she didn't want to spend the night because the police might show up at their house. I told her that she might not get to spend the night anyway because her friend might be in trouble.

Neighbor Boy: No, she won't get in trouble. Drama Queen can still spend the night.
Me: But your parents may not want her to since your sister called 911.
Neighbor Boy: No, she won't get in trouble. She's done it before--over at my grandma's house.

Just what I wanted to hear. What about consequences for her actions? What about a little discipline? What about being parents instead of her best friends?

And to top it all off, Karate Kid told me that both of their oldest children have permission to spend the night over here tonight if it's okay with us. Joy.

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