Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blackmail Pictures

Oh, blackmail is wonderful! Two of the three boys that spent the night last night slept on the trampoline. I snapped these pictures this morning while they boys were still asleep. After showing Karate Kid and Red Head, they were complaining about the pictures and wanting to know why I took them. I told them so that when they got older and had girlfriends, we were going to invite them over and break out the pictures. I told Karate Kid that they were perfect for blackmail--I don't intend to be poor when I'm old.

BTW, Karate Kid wants me to make sure that you know that they were farther apart than it looks. The angle I took the picture makes it look like they were kissing. They weren't, but isn't it a great pic?! Bwahahahaha!

He's afraid these pictures are going to get out to people he knows. "MoooOOoomm! If anybody in the 6th grade sees these, we'll never get girlfriends!!"

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