Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Butterflies In Our Stomachs

I took the lazy way out last night and let The Hubster drop off and pick up Drama Queen from gymnastics. She has taken for a little over a year, but just joined this new gym about 6 weeks ago. She came flying in tonight announcing that she had good news and bad news. The bad news was that she was shaking the whole time and there weren't any cups at the water cooler to get a drink. I automatically assumed that she was dehydrated or something and that was causing her to shake. I was wrong.

Apparently the teachers tested a new girl and Drama Queen for the competitive team. Hence the shaking. Drama Queen didn't have all the details, so I have to call them. Plus, I don't think I could have gotten it out of her if she did know, what with all the bouncing and cartwheeling and unintelligible babbling.

I wonder how much this is going to cost me?

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