Saturday, June 10, 2006

Commence Freaking Out

The wedding is 3½ hours from now. I have to be there in 2 hours. I am a nervous wreck, and it's not even my wedding.

I tried the dress on last night. That brought me to a screeching halt. Now I don't look just like a huge, pink whale. I also look like part flapper and part old spinster schoolmarm. I can hardly wait to stand up in front of relatives that I haven't seen for several years plus many people that I hear about all the time but haven't yet met. "Hi, good-friend-from-college! I'd like you to meet my whale--er, sister."

It's an outside wedding, and the wind is blowing. Any bets on how many times the crowd sees my ultra-control fat sucker-upper before the day is over?

Good times.

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